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Highlife Collection

Advanced Engineering/State-of-the-Art Design

Introducing the 2019 Highlife Collection – the pinnacle of design, engineering and luxury. With over forty years of experience and their unparalleled customer care, HotSpring Spas provides the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience® The Highlife collection, their flagship line, offers all of the exclusive features that make it stand apart from all other spas in the hot tub industry. HotSpring has achieved the perfect pairing of advanced engineering and a stylish new look. Enjoy the most comfortable seating, more useful bar top space, easy to adjust jets and touchscreen controls.
HotSprings delivers innovations like no-bypass filtration for water that is filtered 100% of the time, and multiple layers of foam insulation to maximize energy efficiency. Ask us about the Freshwater salt water sanitizing system, a fully integrated system that communicates directly with your spa’s control system – water care made easy! These exclusive features paired with state-of-the-art design are just a few of the reasons why more people worldwide have chosen Hot Spring Spas than any other brand..

Exclusive Highlife Features 

HotSpring Highlife 2019 Control panel                                       
For added convenience the Highlife Series feature a unique wireless remote control with touchscreen technology. The most advanced control panel available, it features a full color screen with large icons and intuitive menus that make it easy to adjust spa functions.

Polymeric sub strucure and base
Visually, the polymeric substructure and base pan create a stunning floating effect. They also provide support and increased durability. Made of heavy-duty ABS, the base pan inhibits moisture from absorbing in the bottom of the spa and is engineered with ribs to minimize contact with the ground for better energy efficiency.


Molded corners create a waterfall effect as the spa shell meets the cabinet.


Set the stage. Program corner cabinetry sconce lights and under cabinet access in six colors, and from subtle to bright.


The beveled black acrylic plate enhances the on/ready indicator lights. You can see that your spa is hot and ready without stepping outside. Just look out the window!


Moto Massage
Over 30 years ago, HotSpring Spas patented the first moving hydrotherapy jet. Today, the next generation Moto-Massage® DX jet still provides as unparalleled hydromassage experience. Two powerful streams of water sweep up and down the entire length of your back while four precision jets vigorously massage your neck and shoulders melting away tension and soreness.


No Bypassw.Filtration
Highlife collection spas are the only spas woth 100% no by-pass filtration. In other spas, water by-passes the filters when the jets are on – which is when you need to filter the ware most. These spas include up to 5 filters enabling all the water to pass through the filters, even when the jets are running.


Tri X.Filters
Tri-X® filters use exclusive 3-D technology to filter more water than a standard filter. They are longer lasting, and dishwasher safe for added convenience.


Highlife® Collection spas feature a comprehensive Energy Smart system that keeps the water at your desired temperature while using the least amount of energy possible.

Totally Insulated
   Fully foamed with the same material found in commercial freezers is applied in multiple layers of varying density to maximize energy efficiency.
ASTM Safety Covers
  HotSpring manufacture their own spa covers to ensure a tight seal that locks in heat. The dense foam cover features child safety locks and is UL-listed to ASTM standards for safety. Highlife    Collection spas feature an energy-saving hinge seal to prevent heat escaping at the center fold of the spa cover.             
No-Fault Heater
  A titanium housing and heater element maximize heat transfer to the water and deliver unmatched corrosion resistance. This patented No-Fault heater is warrantied for 5 years regardless        of  water chemistry.
Silent Circulation
  The SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump continuously circulates spa water 24 hours a day using less power than a 40 watt light bulb.
Recycled Heat
  the patented pump shroud captures heat generated in the spas equipment compartment and transfers it to the water to reduce energy consumption.
HotSpring Sets The Standard
  HotSpring has certified all models to the stringent California Energy Commission standards and APSP 14, the national energy efficiency standards for portable spas.


    An affordable and easy-to-use water care system that keeps spa water clean and clear for a full year. A disposable titanium cartridge creates chlorine form salt and gently releases it into the water keeping it clean and ready to use with less work. Reduced chemical use extends water life and helps it feel sort and natural, so you will spend more time enjoying your spa.

    Stream audio from an online source or your own library. Marine grade speakers installed in the bar-top and optional subwoofer create increased volume and richer bass tones. Complete your entertainment system with as optional 22- inch high monitor. HDMI and USB connectors accommodate a variety of streaming and cable devices.

    The innovative Connextion® remote spa monitoring system looks after your spa when you can’t and gives you instant access to your spa controls from virtually anywhere in the world. VirtualValet™ messaging feature alerts you and your dealer if your spa needs attention, so regular maintenance or service can be scheduled without delay –even when you are out of town.
  • CoolZone™
    With the CoolZone System, your hot tub provides more than just a relaxing soak. You can also enjoy a cool, revitalizing dip on a hot day. Then, heat it back up for a warm-water retreat for you to unwind after a hard day. Bring your water temp to as low as 60 and when you’re ready to warm things up again, CoolZone works with your heater to efficiently raise the water temperature in just a few hours.

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