Pre-Owned Spas
Pre-Owned Spas
Our pre-owned spas go through a 60-point checklist prior to being available for sale. Most come with new covers, and some have lift mechanisms to assist with cover removal. Most of the spas traded-in are 10 years old. Occasionally, we get some that are around 5 years old and some we originally sold 20 years ago. Most pre-owned spas come with a 30-60 day warranty. The list constantly changes and may not be updated to the minute. Prices are subject to change. Click here to see Pictures.
 1995        HS        Sovereign    I251716      5per        white        Redwood      Rust      SOLD
 1989        HS         Prodigy      H491264       4per       White         Redwood       Green    $1,400.00
 1990        HS         Prodigy      H201255       4per       White       Redwood      Rust      $2,200.00
 1996        HS        Sovereign    I461057        6per       White      Redwood     Green     SOLDSOLD
 1989        HS         Prodigy       H391373      4per       White           Tan           Grey       $1,800.00
 1994        HS         Prodigy       H141332      4per       White       Redwood      Rust       $2,350.00
 1998        HS         Grandee     G281495      7per       White       Redwood      Rust       SOLDSOLD
 1990        HS         Highlife       k301683      6per       White       Redwood      Rust       $2,800.00
 1996        HS         Vista           S461169      6per       White       Redwood      Rust       SOLDSOLD
 1993        HS         Highlife        K331363      6per       White       Redwood      Rust       $3,000.00
 1994        HS         Classic         F441515      5per       White           White         Grey       $2,500.00
 1991        HS         Classic         F211419      5per       White           White         Grey       $2,200.00
 1990        HS         Sovereign     No serial      5per       White       Redwood       Rust       NotReady
 1990        HS         Classic         F201874       5per       White           White      Grey       $2,200.00
 1998        HS         Prodigy         HQ281349      5per       Green       Redwood      Rust       SOLDSOLD
 1994        HS         Prodigy         H341249      5per       White       Redwood     $3,200.00
 1985        HS         Sovereign    Ia03695       6per       Tan          Redwood       TBD       SOLDSOLD