As always, if you do not feel comfortable purchasing over the internet, please call us with your order. 1-800-421-8827(tubs). Have your spa serial number handy. We can help you find where it's located on your model.               - The serial number is found in the equipment compartment in HotSpring, TigerRiver,             Solana and HotSpots 1989 to current. Previous to 1989, look in the filter compartment.             (e.g. Sovereign: IA-23543, Grandee: G-49142, Vanguard: VV2G1432,              Prodigy: H2C1359, Highlife: K24695, etc.)
#70289 Air check valve $12.00
2001-current Replaces warm air induction.
Used from 1997 - 2000 Located in equipment compartment at the bar top. Replace when you notice a whistling or honking noise.
Present  in Tiger River circ. Pump plumbing.
Should be present on all Tiger River spas. This screen covers the suction fitting in the spa below filter compartment. Screen keeps sand from entering diverter and jet system. Never remove, just wipe debris from screen while in place.
#35233 Check Valve, 3/4" $5.00
#35463 Safety suction filter screen $3.00
#72701 Hartford Loop $34.00
#71608 Kit, lever bezel, grey $24.00
#71485 IQ2000 Control Box $598.00
#73223 IQ2020 Control Box $455.00
#70374 Main circuit board, 115v $376.00
#74618 Heater Board, Iq2020 $119.00
#70375 Main circuit board, 220v $380.00
2001- current spas
For following serial #s L 181001- 489999 L 1A1001- 4A9999
M 181001-489999
M 1A1001-4E9999
For following serial #s L, M, N 141001-479999
For following serial #s N 181001- 489999 N 1A1001- 4E9999
L 1B1001-4F9999
CPN 1E1001-current
For following serial #s L, M, N 181001- 489999 L, M, N 1A1001-4B9999
Bengal/Manora 3Qtr.1992 thru 1994 Sumatran
Circuit board above terminal block in
Iq2020 box
Khyber/Siberian  3Qtr.1992 thru 1994
#70849 Diverter Valve kit, 2 position $26.00
#71494 Diverter Valve kit, 2 position $17.00
#71495 Diverter Valve Kit$19.00